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Spray Polyurethane Foam Benefits 

We all want more “bang for our buck” in today’s economy.  So, why should your residential and commercial roofing system be any different?

While the choice is ultimately up to the customer, we want to point out a few benefits of having a Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing System.

Easy Installation

SPF roofs are installed by spraying a liquid on the existing roof and allowing it to expand into a foam.

This process means that the foam can conform to all roof shapes and types, even irregularly shaped roofs.

After cleaning the existing roof, the SPF roof can be applied directly over asphalt, shingles, concrete, metal and wood.

Energy Efficient

SPF roofing delivers thermal, air, and moisture barriers to provide the highest R-value per inch, which means the material provides better insulation for the home or building.

The polyurethane foam keeps heat out in the summer and in during the winter, lowering energy costs for home and facility owners. The acrylic top coating resists UV light, protecting the foam and reduces heat absorption.

Renewable and Sustainable

SPF roofs create little to no waste during its lifetime. In most cases, there is minimal stripping of the original roof, and the SPF roof is installed on top – eliminating the need for costly roof tear-offs and waste.

The materials that are used for SPF roofing systems are also environmentally friendly:

  • Zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP)
  • Low in the Emission of Volatile Organic Compounds 
  • Free from Chlorofluorocarbons 
Seamless and Waterproof

Seams and penetrations are the primary sources of leaks in roof systems, SPF eliminates this vulnerability.  Since the SPF mixture is applied as a liquid, it can fill gaps, seams, and cracks in the existing roof and substrate.

The application of the polyurethane foam allows us to level out the roof to decrease the chance of ponding water. The foam material can expand and contract with the building in accordance with outside temperatures, reducing the likelihood of cracks and splitting.

Certified Hail Impact Resistant

Spray polyurethane foam is a class 2 roofing system therfore being a hail impact resistant roof.

The great thing about spray foam is that it’s closed cell, meaning water cannot travel laterally through the system in the event of hail of up to 1.5inches.

NO Maintenance Required

Once an SPF roofing system is installed, it requires no preventative maintenance from 10-15 years, if properly maintained your SPF roof can last over 50 years.

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